Improving Performance by Getting the Most Out of Ever Resource

We tend to take our media quite seriously these days. There’s good reason for that stance though. We’re living in what many people describe as the golden age of television. In the past movies were the main source of complex stories presented with rich audio and video. But today TV series have taken on that mantle as well. And the end result is a public which has a vast number of movies and TV shows to choose from.

Improving Performance by Getting the Most Out of Ever Resource

However, our ability to access those stories hasn’t always kept up with the demand. Today the main method people use to watch TV is still standard live broadcasts. But this isn’t getting the most out of the system’s potential. TV shows are almost never actually filmed live these days. There are a few notable exceptions to the rule. But for the most part TV series are recorded well in advance of broadcast. As such it doesn’t make much sense to rely on a live broadcast to watch it.

This has led people to use DVR services. A DVR is a digital video recorder which acts in many respects like an older video cassette recorder. The main difference comes in two parts. The first is the actual storage medium. A DVR, as the name suggests, stores information digitally. This is somewhat similar to how a computer would store video data. And it’s important to keep that similarity in mind as it’ll come up again within this conversation.

The next distinguishing detail of a DVR is the user interface. A DVR will typically make it quite easy for someone to access stored TV and video. However, there’s a bit of a catch to this. It’s usually easy to access files from one’s own TV. But a DVR should be able to do far more than that under ideal conditions.

We can see why that should be the case by considering streaming media. An exact definition of streaming media is difficult as it’s something of a fuzzy term. But in general, one can think of it as any media streamed over the internet. This is also largely dependent on bitrate. The more bitrate required the faster and more reliable an internet connection will need to be. And here’s where we get to an important question. If media on a DVR is digital, then why can’t it be accessed like any other form of streamed …