Geothermal Heating Applied to Residential Homes

Geothermal heating can be used in commercial applications and it can also be applied in residential homes. The biggest difference between geothermal heating that is used in a large commercial application and the geothermal heating that is used in a residential setting is the amount of pipes that will be placed beneath the ground to carry the antifreeze and water mixture through the system.

When you consider ground source heat you are amazed that everyone in every part of the world is not using this as a means of heating the homes they live in, the businesses they work in, and the places they go to play in. This is a free source of energy that only needs to be harvested from the earth beneath our structures and yards.

Just like we designed windmills to harvest the energy of the wind and thus supply us with electric power, we can harness the heat that is created by decomposing animal matter and vegetable matter and use it to heat our homes. We can even use the same technology in reverse in order to cool our homes in the summer months. The beautiful part of this is that the heat is right there beneath us and it does not cost a penny to use. It will never go away or be in short supply. It will never create foul odors in our homes and it is not a fire hazard, or dangerous in any way.

Ground source heat is like the perfect heating fuel for residential homes. The fuel does not injure any person, any living plant, any living animal, or the ozone, the water supply, or the environment. The usage of this heat source does not impact the earth and the inhabitants of the earth in any way that is detrimental to our health and well-being.

The only impact that ground source heat has on the earth is the impact it has because of the amount of other fuels that are not mined for, drilled for, or dug up, when people are using it. You place pipes in the ground to harvest this energy so they are covered and they are not ugly or damaging to the natural terrain. You do not have to take anything away from the environment in order to use this fuel so you cannot create dangerous emissions, sinkholes, or other hazards that the removal of some fuels creates.

You will simply have a free source of heat for your home. The devices that run this type of fuel are generally quieter than some of the other devices that can be used so this also pleases the homeowners and their neighbors. There are no hazards associated with the production of warm or cool air using this fuel so neighbors do not have to worry about fire hazards.

Installing these appliances also increase the property value of the home. If you ever decide to sell the home the fact that you use ground source heat instead of a gas boiler will increase your asking price substantially.