Geothermal Energy – An Abundant Resource

Geothermal Energy - An Abundant ResourceGreen Energy – A Detailed Guide to the Main Sources of Green Energy

Dual-fuel heat pumps are the “best of all possible.” These pumps take the advantages of both gas powered and electrical powered heat pumps and get rid of the disadvantages. These systems are technically air source electric heat pumps, however they combine that system using a gas furnace. This enables consumers to enjoy cost-efficient and intensely temperature heat in practically any season.

– As you probably know, geothermal energy uses the natural heat flow inside the earth for heating and cooling purposes

– Geothermal heat pumps take heat from underground, usually via a water/ethanol solution, and sends the energy for the surface for use

– A compressor heats mid-air further

– For cooling purposes, the opposite holds true as well as the heat is taken away

– The process utilizes a loop system underground

– The typical geothermal residential set-up can be a horizontal, closed loop system

– The loops could be inserted in trenches or holes in the ground

– Vertical systems are usually useful for larger, commercial buildings

– Even ponds and lakes works extremely well as options for the energy

– The heat will be distributed for the home via existing or modified ductwork

Geothermal Heating Holds Much Potential

However, wind and solar do have one severe limitation – both is only able to produce power when it is sunny or windy. This produces a massive storage problem for that electric power provider if it’s night-time and not windy. Alternatively, we can rely on this clean source of energy being a limited solution – requiring a continued dedication to fossil fuels which should stop the long-term goal at all. – Palm Harbor builder Mike Connor of Schickedanz Bros

– has installed two geothermal systems and said they “seem to function real well

– From what we’ve seen, it looks want it offers pretty substantial savings

– ” Geothermal systems work most effectively for heating, so they’re popular in Northern climates

– But the system can help to save Floridians $40 30 days on air-conditioning bills, and because it recycles warm water, a household’s water-heating pricing is virtually eliminated

– Geothermal systems recoup their costs in 5 upto 7 years, and the engineered heat pump lasts four to five times more than traditional heat pumps because it is housed indoors

– Egg, incidentally, provides a fresh kind of geothermal system for the Bay area in which the earth loops are shaped like a Slinky

– They use up less space than traditional straight-pipe geothermal systems, for them to be installed in just about any yard

Nuclear power utilizes the incredible energy created from both the fusing and splitting of atoms. Some people don’t consider nuclear energy an alternative energy resource. My personal interpretation is that any energy source it doesn’t emit the fossil fuel pollutants that causes a lot environmental harm is considered renewable power. Therefore. I include nuclear power inside the renewable power collection.