Boost Your Grade by Studying

I used to always tell my students that they had to boost their grades by studying and that would be enough, but I found that there was a trend with a lot of them. There were people that were on the cusp of a higher grade but there was not enough homework turned in and they realized how much homework counted at the end of the semester when it was too late. If the student was not a homework doer then they would not find them self on the lower end of the next grade up and it was so sad to see the hard workers realize that they did not make the better grade just because they did not turn in a few worksheets. In fact, even if the entire thing was wrong, they would still get the credit for doing their homework and it was really sad for me to see them like that in the situation that they did not foresee.

I think that it is really important for kids to have some kind of hardship at some point in their young lives because it actually helps to build some coping skills and I think that those skills are really important because they will be able to take a bad situation or a disappointment. I think that it actually builds character and I really think that it is important for kids to know that life is not always really fair to everyone. I see too many kids get upset because they do not get what they want and when the parent gives in to them it drives me crazy. I think that everyone needs to know that life is not always fair and all you can keep on doing is your best to get by and really understand.