BHE Renewables (3)

Geothermal PowerMokai is blessed with a strong geothermal resource. The Mokai geothermal power field is located under the Trust’s land where hot rock heats underground water to more than 380°C. Deep wells allow the hot water and steam to be piped to the surface for industrial use.

Given that it utilizes renewable energy produced beneath the surface, geothermal power generation does not involve any combustion above ground. This indicates that CO2 emissions into the atmosphere are minimal. Clearly, greater reliance on geothermal power generation would help avert worldwide warming. Considering that the provide of energy from inside the Earth is potentially large and, in sensible terms, inexhaustible, depletion is not a concern. Moreover, as opposed to other types of renewable power such as solar photovoltaic or wind power, geothermal power is independent of weather conditions. Indeed, capacity utilization of geothermal power generation is on a par with that of thermal energy generation.

There are at present three turbines in operation. One smaller sized turbine runs off higher stress steam which then backfeeds into the principal intermediate pressure program that feeds the two main units. Condensers on the back end of the major turbines are fed cooled water from the cooling tower to condense the steam back into water. More condensate gained in this method is reinjected back into the ground.

Ideally, wellheads take the shape of a typical geothermal power plant, but in a smaller version. While a geothermal power plant is run by steam piped from tens of wells, a wellhead utilises steam from just a single effectively. Once the major plant is completely constructed, the wellheads are removed and moved to diverse stations, so that steam from the wells can then feed into the key plant.

Simon Sembiring, the Indonesia director common of geothermal and mineral sources, stated earlier this year several foreign firms had been interested in investing in geothermal power projects in Indonesia, with the Icelandic invasion now underway – Reykjavik Energy Invest have already signed a preliminary deal to develop a geothermal power plant with Indonesian oil corporation Pertamina.