Geothermal Heating Applied to Residential Homes

Geothermal heating can be used in commercial applications and it can also be applied in residential homes. The biggest difference between geothermal heating that is used in a large commercial application and the geothermal heating that is used in a residential setting is the amount of pipes that will be placed beneath the ground to carry the antifreeze and water mixture through the system.

When you consider ground source heat you are amazed that everyone in every part of the world is not using this as a means of heating the homes they live in, the businesses they work in, and the places they go to play in. This is a free source of energy that only needs to be harvested from the earth beneath our structures and yards.

Just like we designed windmills to harvest the energy of the wind and thus supply us with electric power, we can harness the heat that is created by decomposing animal matter and vegetable matter and use it to heat our homes. We can even use the same technology in reverse in order to cool our homes in the summer months. The beautiful part of this is that the heat is right there beneath us and it does not cost a penny to use. It will never go away or be in short supply. It will never create foul odors in our homes and it is not a fire hazard, or dangerous in any way.

Ground source heat is like the perfect heating fuel for residential homes. The fuel does not injure any person, any living plant, any living animal, or the ozone, the water supply, or the environment. The usage of this heat source does not impact the earth and the inhabitants of the earth in any way that is detrimental to our health and well-being.

The only impact that ground source heat has on the earth is the impact it has because of the amount of other fuels that are not mined for, drilled for, or dug up, when people are using it. You place pipes in the ground to harvest this energy so they are covered and they are not ugly or damaging to the natural terrain. You do not have to take anything away from the environment in order to use this fuel so you cannot create dangerous emissions, sinkholes, or other hazards that the removal …

Save Money And Go Green With Geothermal

As the world focuses more on renewable energy, geothermal energy and systems are gaining more significance among homeowners in the US. Not only is geothermal energy a renewable source and is supremely environment friendly but it is also the cost saving alternative to conventional energy sources.

What Is Geothermal Energy?

While the scientific definitions can go into unwarranted details of explanations, in simpler words for popular understanding, when the sun’s rays heats up the surface of the earth, heat energy is generated. This heat energy of the earth’s surface and crust is known as geothermal energy.

How Does Geothermal Work?

Geothermal energy is extracted using systems that are installed in the homes. Normally these systems can be set up in backyards or anywhere that is feasible.

Who Sells Such Geothermal Systems?

There are quite a few companies who manufacture geothermal systems today as a part of their green projects. You can easily come across a reputed source online.

Benefits Of Geothermal Systems

Now, go green is an obvious given for all green projects but how can one actually save money with these geothermal systems? Moreover, it is widely known that just like solar panels, these geothermal systems also call for an investment initially that may appear to be a little costly. However, these benefits should help you to understand the financial benefits of such green projects or using renewable energy such as geothermal.

Geothermal energy can easily offer you five times the efficiency that you can obtain from conventional power sources which implies that your energy consumption would be cut down from anywhere between 40% o 70%.

Heating the rooms during winters and cooling them during summers consume more than 50 % of one’s monthly energy requirements. Using geothermal energy, these costs can be phenomenally reduced. Depending on the geothermal system you use and the city you live in, you can make huge savings.

Earning tax rebate and several other federal benefits are also another reason to use geothermal energy. It is well known that governments are promoting green projects and in many programs are also subsidizing the installation costs and the system costs to get more homeowners opt for renewable energy.

The initial investment costs can be recovered in about 5 years or around 8 years if you opt for the best geothermal systems. Considering that the life of a geothermal system is typically 30 years, the …