Geothermal Energy: What’s So Great About It?

Geothermal energy is the heat, which is generated from the outer layer of the earth. The products, steam and the hot water are both valuable resources, which can be practically used for generating electricity. These resources are renewable and the heat and the energy is constantly produced, therefore can be utilized for various purposes. There are many benefits of using geothermal energy and one of them is to use this energy for heating large structures.

Interestingly, the thermal power plants do not require fuel. The hot water produced is readily available from the earth reservoir, which gives a constant supply. Environmentally, this is a very effective source of power, as it does not involve any kind of pollution. The power generating plants are high technology techniques, whereas the geothermal technology is much simpler and needs minimum area. The electricity can be produced without contaminating the environment.

The hot water reservoirs can be used by drilling the wells into them, and the supply of this source is uninterrupted and useful for generating the electricity. This type of power is very useful for the remote areas, where the power can be supplied constantly using this technology. The steam produced is used to power the generators and the turbines. One of the major advantages is the cost, which is quite low as compared to running other plants, as the equipment required can be fabricated in house.

The power is generated by using the concept of heating cold water using the internal heat of the  results in producing steam, because of the presence of high temperatures inside the earth. This steam rises back to the surface and can be utilized for performing various activities.

There are several benefits, which include the economic and environmental prospects. The clean power is one of them, as it does not require any fossil fuels to run. Economically, the running of these plants is not very expensive and the governments offer tax benefits to encourage its use. Many opportunities in the development area are created.

The various types of sources available include solar, wind, hydroelectric etc. But the clean source is the geothermal which can be utilized for various activities related to agriculture such as growing flowers. This source is even used for raising fishes.

For long time, the burning fossil fuels like coal have been used to generate power, but the concept is changing towards renewable …

4 Reasons Geothermal Could Be Right For You

You’ve done it. Your new home is beautiful. You love your layout, you love the decorations, you love the features you chose. But then winter hits. It’s cold, and your heat kicks on. Then the fuel bill comes, and your heart rate rivals a humming bird’s wings.

Your home is missing one thing. It’s missing a geothermal heating and cooling system. Geothermal as an option that is often overlooked when it comes to heating and cooling your house. People don’t realize the huge benefits of geothermal over more traditional heating and cooling methods.

Geothermal works in a fundamentally different way than any other heating system. Rather than burning a fuel to create heat, geothermal simply moves energy that already exists under the surface of the earth. It moves heat from the earth into your home during the winder, and it reverses itself during the summer.

Here’s 4 reasons you should choose geothermal.

Cost. Geothermal is the most cost effective way to heat your home, hands down. When you examine your fuel oil or propane furnace, you’ll see an efficiency rating. That rating is a critical number. It tells you how much money it will cost you to heat your house. A 92% efficient furnace will take every dollar of propane or fuel oil and turn it into 92 cents of heat. Geothermal, on the other hand, is 300-400% efficient. This is because it can use one dollar’s worth of electricity to move three to four dollar’s worth of heat out of the earth.

Comfort. Geothermal systems heat your home evenly. You won’t have one part of your house that is so warm you can’t stand it, and everyone in the other part is shivering. Geothermal systems have longer run times than conventional systems. This allows the air to circulate better throughout the house.

Conservation. We as humans are always increasing the consumption of the world’s energy. There’s only so much oil and gas out there. Geothermal technology gives us access to a source of heat and energy that will never run out as long as the earth keeps spinning.

Cutting Edge. Fuel oil and propane are ancient technologies. Geothermal is new, innovative, and can impact your life dramatically. Once you make the switch to geothermal, you’ll never look back. You’ll wonder why it took you so long to realize that this is truly the best decision for your …