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Geothermal PowerDeep beneath the surface, the Earth is very hot. The temperature is believed to attain around 1,000 degrees C at depths of 30-50 kilometers. In geologically active regions where volcanoes and hot springs abound, magma chambers of a related temperature exist very close to underground rock strata at comparatively shallow depths of just a couple of kilometers. Rainwater seeping down into these rocks is heated and subjected to immense pressure, which creates geothermal aquifers. In geothermal power generation, energy is extracted from these geothermal aquifers. There are two main varieties of method in use: the flash cycle, in which steam from the geothermal source drives turbines straight and the binary cycle, where only heat is extracted by feeding steam and hot water into heat exchangers.

Geothermal power as available 24-7 which is not the case with solar and wind. This signifies that geothermal power doesn’t require backup energy answer like wind and solar do. Geothermal power plants have comparatively low upkeep expenses, and they do not need to have lot of water for cooling purposes like this is the case with many other energy sources. Nevertheless, constructing geothermal power plant is still extremely pricey, mostly since of the drilling that accounts for a lot more than half of total capital fees.

This does not imply geothermal electricity is uncompetitive. The capital expenses of geothermal plants are high—as much as $2m-7m per megawatt of capacity. But with the fuel” being essentially cost-free and upkeep and environmental issues minimal, operating fees are specifically low. Usually, geothermal generating plants generate a kilowatt-hour of electrical energy for about 5 cents (the exact same as coal), compared with eight cents for wind and 13 cents for solar.

The Svartsengi energy production approach not only involves steam to drive turbines and hot water for heating and drinking but also several other utilizes for every single byproduct of the production method. One particular of these byproducts is the Blue Lagoon, which was named a single of twenty-five wonders of the world by the magazine National Geographic.

For the ultimate in comfort a natural gas or propane powered household stand-by generator of 7500 watts and above will power most almost everything in your home simultaneously just like the energy firm. As an added comfort, a lot of of them automatically start within seconds of a power outage so you hardly notice the change more than to the generator. They operate quietly as long as required, and automatically shut down and revert back to a stand-by mode when the power comes back on.