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Examples Of Geothermal EnergyEnergy SOURCES Power forms include both the categories we use to group power sources (like fossil fuels, alternatives, and renewables) and the sources we derive energy from (like oil, solar, and nuclear). Each and every variety of power has unique qualities and needs different technologies to convert it from a raw resource to a usable form of energy.

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So how does it perform? Put basically, geothermal energy makes use of the naturally higher temperatures under the Earth’s surface to make power. There are numerous approaches to access that heat, but it generally involves drilling about one particular to three kilometres into the Earth. At that depth, temperatures can attain up to 250 degrees Celsius. Cold water is then injected onto the hot porous rocks under and the resulting steam turns a turbine to produce electrical energy.

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Hawaii in truth has a 38MW geothermal plant (see the tiny dot on Figure two) and is another example of how geothermal sources are usually inconveniently located. The plant is on the island of Hawaii, where there are very good geothermal sources but not quite a few individuals. The island of Oahu, exactly where there are lots of people, has no identified geothermal resources. And there are no interconnectors among the islands.