Is Geothermal A Renewable Or Nonrenewable Source? By Kayla Primm On Prezi

Geothermal Energy RenewableAnswer: Most of the fossil fuels like coal or petroleum products contain carbon and traces of nitrogen and sulphur. The oxides of carbon, nitrogen and sulphur that are released on burning fossil fuels are acidic oxides. These lead to acid rain which affects our water and soil resources.

But the nation has the prospective to make so substantially far more. According to an assessment by the U.S. Geological survey, if all standard geothermal sources could be tapped in the United States they could potentially make up to 73,000 MW of power. An MIT report suggests the prospective is even higher with enhanced geothermal technologies. If new technologies acquire reasonable investments, MIT predicts the nation could create 100 gigawatts (one hundred,000 MW) of geothermal electricity by 2050—enough to replace one hundred coal energy plants.

Just before deregulation and privatization swept over Iceland, HS ORKA was a municipal utility that generated electricity and supplied heat to nearby communities on the Reykjanes peninsula. HS ORKA was ultimately privatized and the communities leased the geothermal resource to the corporation. In turn they now receive royalties for the sale of electricity and heat.

Water is then injected at enough stress to make certain fracturing, or to open existing fractures inside the developing reservoir and hot basement rock. This hydro fracturing generates shear along current fractures. When the pressure is removed the fracture closes but due to shearing the two surfaces are now slightly offset and so the fracture is propped open enhancing the permeability.

Developing the direct use of geothermal energy typically includes a production facility, a properly and pump to bring the warm water to the surface, a mechanical system (piping, heat exchanger, controls, etc.) to provide the heat to the processing space, and a disposal system in the type of an injection nicely or storage pond that receives the cooled geothermal fluid.