Harvesting Geothermal Energy

Geothermal ActivityOur planet is feeling the heat—but it is not all from climate change and the escalating concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Some of the heat is coming from inside Earth itself and rather than causing global warming it has the potential to wean us off fossil fuels for good.

There are excellent motives to be excited by the prospects for geothermal energy, each in Australia and globe-wide. The international geothermal energy industry is increasing at a sustained rate of four-five per cent, with practically 700 geothermal projects under improvement in 76 countries. A geothermal heat pump technique can take benefit of the constant temperature of the upper ten feet (three meters) of the Earth’s surface to heat a residence in the winter, even though extracting heat from the constructing and transferring it back to the comparatively cooler ground in the summer season. By contrast, Mina Morita has adopted the HECO line that there is a reverse Robin Hood effect occurring.

Here is a brief but very excellent video that adds very good perspective about the soundness of a GHP method investment. The video depicts two homes in Stillwater, OK where the modern GHP systems were started. One of the systems shown has been in continuous use for 35 years. The Geothermal Lab internet site presents a very helpful collection of maps related to geothermal power improvement and use, as nicely as numerous publications and hyperlinks to related databases. The United States opened its first geothermal district heating technique in 1892 in Boise, Idaho. This method still provides heat to about 450 houses.

The IRP stated that new geothermal resources are needed immediately after 2025 and must be on the west side of the island. The RFP recommended an on-line date between 2018-2023. The bidders all proposed new generation in the Puna region. Recently the landowner more than most of the indicated resource (the Rotoma No 1 Incorporation) has arranged further research and submitted a consent application for a 35 MWe station, with supplementary use for process heat applications. Geothermal power stations are often small and have minimal visual effect on the surrounding atmosphere.

Zwart H.J. and Dornsiepen U.F. 1980. The Variscan and pre – Variscan tectonic evolution of the Central and Western Europe: a Tentative Model. In J. Cogne and M. Slansky (Eds), Geology of Europe. B.R.G.M. Orleans. France. pp 226 – 232. Thermal strategies (temperature measurements, determination of geothermal gradient and terrestrial heat flow) can usually give a fantastic approximation of the temperature at the top of the reservoir. The history of exploration and improvement in South Australia is documented in tenement maps and licence facts.