Ground Source Heat Pumps

Geothermal Heat PumpSo what is GH and cooling exactly? It is a HVAC program that makes use of the power of the sun and of the energy identified naturally in the earth.

1st, how energy efficient is the heat pump? There are two measures to appear at – the COP and the EER. The COP or coefficient of functionality, measures the heat pump’s heating efficiency and its EER or power efficiency rating, measures its cooling efficiency. In order to establish the most energy-effective units, appear for the Power Star certification label, which indicates a COP of 2.5 or far more and EER of 13 or greater.

At initially I wanted to solve this with a dual-zone program but my installer talked me out of that. He pointed out that a dual zone method is suited for a residence with roughly equal zones, but in my home the master bedroom zone is only about 20% of the property so a dual zone method would be inefficient (the rest of the house is fairly substantially 1 massive open space so no other zone definitions have been sensible). Instead he recommended altering the thermostat to one particular with several remote sensors. I placed the sensors around the property, out of the direct sun, and the thermostat uses the average of them to control the method.

Most of the current standing column installations are located in the Northeast and Pacific Northwest in heating-dominated residential and light commercial applications. The vast majority exist in the northeastern Appalachian area like Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, and the northwestern states. Due to the fact air heat exchangers have enhanced in efficiency so much in the last few years and the heating demands in Virginia and the rest of the south are a lot much less than in the Northeast, ground supply heat exchangers have been much less well-liked in the south.

Several of us are shocked that we haven’t heard about this earth-friendly strategy of heating and cooling our homes until now. The reason for that is that the several organizations that present this type of method have been busy building, testing, enhancing and installing current technologies for the final two years to bring this solution to the marketplace. With these goods now accessible for public use, it is a fantastic time to invest in a new technique. There are also plenty of rebates and tax incentives for installing these systems.