Geothermal Heating & Cooling In South Africa. (2)

Geothermal Heat PumpIn the cooling cycle, a traditional water supply heat pump removes the heat from the air in the area and rejects that energy into a water loop. The heat added to the water is removed via a cooling tower or into the ground in geothermal systems. In the heating cycle, a traditional heat pump reverses the cycle and removes heat from the water loop and rejects that heat into the space. In both heating and cooling cycles, the compressor wants to run to drive the refrigeration cycle and transfer heat back and forth among the space and the water loop. In the heating cycle, supplementary heat needs to be added to the water loop to satisfy the constructing heating demand.

Air source electrical heat pumps use only electrical energy and come in many sizes. There are units huge sufficient to heat your entire household and there are units small sufficient to heat just a space. The size of unit you choose will rely on what your heating requirements are. Typically, these units are applied only in those areas that expertise the occasional drop in temperature, but have a mild winter all round.

According to the EPA and DOE, geoexhange systems are the most energy effective, environmentally clean and price-effective space conditioning systems available. They rate the systems 40% more effective than air source heat pumps 48% higher than gas furnaces and 75% higher than oil furnaces. Although geoexchange units do demand a energy source, they have a considerably higher power efficiency ratio. In heating mode, the system will move at least 3 units of solar power from the ground for every single unit of electricity applied.

Throughout the heating cycle, a geothermal system utilizes a series of pipes (the earth loop) to extract heat from the ground. As the program pulls heat from the loop it distributes it through a conventional duct system as warm air. The exact same heat energy can also be used for a radiant floor method and domestic hot water heating.

When solar made electrical energy is not the only renewable energy selection that household or business owners can use to generate electrical energy on-site to live off the electrical grid, it is the most sensible of all of the renewable energy alternatives. Other renewable energy options, such as wind power or micro hydroelectric power may not be feasible or legal in all settings. The principal limitations that off the grid solar electrical energy creating systems have is that they demand plentiful sun-exposed roof space and adequate space for battery backup power to store solar produced electricity, so it can be employed when required.