Geothermal Exhibition (2)

Geothermal Energy Power PlantIceland is one particular of the most dynamic volcanic regions in the world. Shaped by fierce organic forces, straddling the Mid-Atlantic Ridge exactly where the activity of divergent tectonic plates brings heat and magma closer to the earth´s surface, Iceland holds enormous geothermal sources.

To harness this geothermal power, two holes are dug deep into the earth and cold water is pumped by means of the first 1 and steam comes out through the second extended pipe which assists in producing electrical energy. The holes dug for harnessing geothermal power outcome in lesser emission of greenhouse gases than due to burning of fossil fuels. Thus if utilised at a larger scale and far more effectively, it provides a hope to reduce global warming.

Geo-thermal power is one of the uncommon forms of energy which is not straight or indirectly from solar energy. In areas where hot springs are found, hot springs baths are really typical and enjoyable form of recreation. Nevertheless, they need to be in a controlled atmosphere because they can’t be accessed with no right supervision. We have earlier seen how it is harnessed, the process involved is a extended and expensive 1 and not feasible in some regions.

The second half was what it promised to be—a hobbyist’s handbook. But it was also additional illuminating and additional plain enjoyable than I expected. For instance, the section on micro-hydropower projects led to a couple of very pleasant hours devoted to ‘back of the envelope’ calculations of the hydro prospective of a certain spot I know in rural South Carolina. Initially incredibly exciting—it seemed that you could, potentially, use a hydro method as a plausible backup to a solar PV technique.

The power plant itself is the heart of a much bigger project. In order to operate the plant, we want to pump 500+gpm of geothermal water from our production well, which is positioned three/4 of a mile from the power plant. We do this by means of an insulated and buried 8inch HDPE line. The production well itself took practically a month to comprehensive. It is a 10in diameter 700ft nicely, cemented and cased to 450ft.