Electricity From Geothermal Power

Geothermal Energy TechnologyIt’s actually been about for some time, with numerous geothermal power plants in California, Nevada and a handful of other western states. There are new plants on the drawing board, also. Unfortunately, the recession has stifled the construction progress on a lot of of them.

A report prepared various years ago by scientists at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), which examined the prospective for enhanced geothermal systems, reckoned $1 billion spent over 15 years on analysis and development could lead to one hundred gigawatts of geothermal producing capacity being established by 2050 in the United States alone. Worldwide, the amount of geothermal power that may be extracted this way could exceed 200 zettajoules (ie, over 50 million-billion kilowatt-hours). With further refinement, the MIT researchers estimated that ten instances additional geothermal energy could be produced available—enough to meet the world’s current wants for a number of thousand years.

AB: I spent a lot of my book, The Paris Agreement, on this. I blogged for a year top up to Paris and took all those blogs and wrote an introduction and did a everyday weblog even though I was in Paris. Then I spent a week or two afterward summarizing, synthesizing, and putting it all collectively to make the book. I place the book out on December 19th which was seven days soon after the Paris Climate Conference ended. It included the complete text of the treaty along with the year-lengthy analysis that led up to it and I think the point of the book and what I spent a lengthy time speaking about was renewable power and the myth surrounding renewable energy which I saw a lot of in Paris.

1st we had been just a niche contractor for supplying our equipment but had been also installing it. And then gradually when we got richer we began to retain equity in what we constructed, and this enabled two points. One is that we don’t have margin upon margin upon margin. We are capable to compete because if you have to subcontract, everyone has to get a margin on it. Of course we do subcontract a lot, but most of the time we never have a prime contractor. We are the prime contractor. We do not have an engineering firm. And this enabled going on considerably smaller projects than the 1,000-megawatt coal-fired plant to preserve the margins low.

I got down to Tennessee and had heard about The Farm and decided that as long as I was in Tennessee I would go take a look at it. This was an experimental community which had come out of an exodus of hippies from San Francisco following the Summer of Adore. They had started a commune and had found that costs in Marin County and Humboldt County and all these regions have been way as well pricey so they identified some low cost land – $70/acre – in Tennessee and set up shop there for an intentional community on what had been a cattle ranch, replacing 70 cows with 400 hippies.