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Geothermal IndustryThis year, the business is creating 175 geothermal projects. New U.S. geothermal plants doubled to fourteen in 2013.

If you would rather be your personal boss there are some excellent smaller small business opportunities in the green economy. One that you can start off for beneath $2000 is turn into a certified residence energy rater, which is a sort of property inspector. By attending classes that last just a handful of weeks, you can grow to be RESNET or Residential Energy Solutions Network rater.

Currently non-renewable power sources have an impressive efficiency and capacity and are meeting the largest percentage of the world’s energy demand. Nevertheless there is no doubt that the efficiency and capacity of renewable energy technologies are increasing at a higher rate and may possibly in the close to future examine to the efficiency and capacity of fossils.

Ring of Fire countries New Zealand, Indonesia, the Philippines, the United States and Mexico all have commercial geothermal plants, but not Canada. A groundbreaking 2010 study of Canada’s geothermal potential found the best places have been in British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan, but even Ontario could generate geothermal energy if someone dug deep enough.

In North America, Enel Green Energy also owns the geothermal plants of Stillwater and Salt Wells, which are located near Fallon, Nevada. These plants also use the medium enthalpy, binary cycle technologies, which is amongst the most advanced in the sector. Last year, a 26 MW photovoltaic facility was added to the Stillwater geothermal energy plant, therefore producing the initially hybrid plant in the planet with these qualities.