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Why Cursive Handwriting is Necessary for Your Child

Kinds nowadays are rarely taught cursive handwriting skills -if you are keen enough, you have already noticed this. Many schools have decided to eliminate cursive handwriting from their classrooms altogether probably because most of the writing is done by typing. Controversy, therefore, is on the rise in school since kids who are in elementary classes and are still developing their reading a writing skills need education on handwriting.

Cursive handwriting was eliminated in the Common Core State Standards released by the Department of Education in 2010. This documentation contains the core practices that should be applied in mathematics and English language. With these standards comes a set of expectations that students are required to realize in order to be successful in their college education as well as careers. In place of cursive handwriting, keyboarding was introduced as a mandatory skill for elementary school children. As a result, it has made many people to condemn the move to belittle handwriting at the expense of keyboarding.

While their accusations aren’t proven, the fact remains that cursive handwriting has for a long time been the cornerstone of education in elementary level. Nowadays, with the Common Core Standards allowing states to choose whether or not to include cursive handwriting, it has become optional. As a result, many states have opted to stop teaching cursive handwriting altogether and instead view it as time wasting and old-fashioned.
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Cursive handwriting is an essential part of elementary education that those who are for or against its inclusion in schools can attest. These changes in the education system just go a long way to show how adults make changes without considering the interests of the young learners. There hasn’t been a clear explanation or even evidence about the need to eliminate cursive handwriting from the curriculum. The kids are now learning keyboarding as part of their elementary school education. There is very little regard nowadays on the way kids develop abilities in handwriting, composition, and spelling.
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If you are interested in learning about cursive handwriting, there is a wide range of resources online that you can check out. This handwriting will help kids develop essential neuropathways for better habit changes and response to repeated actions. In cursive handwriting, the students are taught how to connect different letters differently. This …

Learning The “Secrets” of Diamonds

What To Know About Engagement Rings

You could see many engagement rings available, but as a woman, it normal that we really want the best one. Even though the thought of wearing an emerald or diamond engagement ring would being happiness to our soul, we could not deny the fact that buying one would be sending shivers all throughout your body or of the lovers.

When you buy an engagement ring, for many of us, it is not just a tough job, but it is also a risky one. The common question that is adhering to most of individuals is what if the she would not like the engagement ring being bought. Thus, this makes buying an engagement ring would be requiring a big planning.

To begin with, choosing a stone, color and style that would suit your beloved’s personality is something you must do. If you have a plan on buying a gift of diamond engagement ring to the love of your life, you must really do a thorough research about diamonds. Diamonds have different styles and colors, also the clarity, cut and carat of the diamond is a part that you must not miss.
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These days, engagement rings that are made of platinum are also in vogue. Platinum engagement rings are one of the ver serene metal in which women are fond of. Also, engagement rings are also liked by men. For the choice of an engagement ring, platinum engagement ring could also be an option for women.
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There are times that women are not attracted to the engagement rings that are precious. Women are more attracted to the emotions that are attached to it. This concept in which the gifting of inherited engagement rings has been increasing in the past few years. The engagement rings worn by your mother or grandmother are usually adored by the women. The feeling of being loved and trusted is what she would feel.

Remember that when you buy an engagement ring, no matter what it kind it is, it will have a reflection on what you feel and not what you have. In every engagement ring, there is a story of commitment and love that is lying beneath of it. Buying an engagement ring would give her the feelings attached to it when you bought it and not …

Overwhelmed by the Complexity of Trees? This May Help

Tree Removal and Tree Pruning Benefits

Trees will remain to provide us with many crucial things as we live. Trees may be man-made or natural in terms of their occurrence. In most cases,trees that grow naturally are found in forests. Why in the forest?. A forest is a place where trees grow without human disturbance. It is obvious for man-made trees to face human interference. Trees are very important in our daily life. Trees prevent soil erosion when it rains. Impedment is created by these roots when it rains thus preventing soil erosion. Trees provide clean air in an environment. They do so by expiring oxygen while taking carbon dioxide. Trees provide shade to animals on a sunny day. This helps animals to be cool in their bodies. Trees act as the source of energy in our homesteads. Trees can be used in two forms;charcoal and firewood form.

However ,trees may have their disadvantages. It is a characteristic of aged trees to have roots that bulge on the surface. This may act as a barrier to other trees or even may cause injury to human beings. The overgrown trees have their branches long enough to create shade to other trees. The direct rays of the sunlight is prevented from hitting the ground by these long branches.

It is risky for people to prune or remove these aged trees without experience. Lack of enough experience when removing trees may cause havoc to the surrounding. It is a risky job to prune or remove a tree without lack of knowledge on the best tools and methods to use. It is likely for someone to be injured when pruning or removing trees due to lack of experience. Tree pruning and removal may also cause damage to other trees. In case of tree pruning,it may cause severe wounds.
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It is advisable to hire the tree removal services to carry out the task. It is obvious for these contractors to offer you with the required service without any destruction to the environment. In case you want to remove your trees for a purpose,go for these contractors. The knowledge is required when totally removing your trees. These contractors have the required tools and methods of tree removal. These contractors will prevent any damage that may occur to the nearby properties.
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You may not be limited to …

Lessons Learned from Years with Storage

Important Things That People Must Know About Piano Moving Services

Specialist in the field of moving, piano movers are experts in moving various types of pianos and they have a number of experts to pack the instrument and would move it carefully and transport it by truck. These trucks are specially fitted with features to easily move pianos, deliver the instrument, unpack it and also get to tune it with no added fees for their different clients which want to move to a new home or neighbourhood. Because of the fact piano moving needs technical knowledge, the movers are specially trained and get to know in detail the various parts of the piano as well as its different workings to make sure that they can transport it effectively.

Piano moving services are specialized services where they can charge certain rates compared to normal furniture movers but would also get to offer guarantees to their clients which have various types of piano. The spinet pianos, console pianos and also studio upright pianos can be moved as a whole, while instruments like baby grand and also concert pianos needs to be dismantled from their legs and wrapped up in blankets and would get to be placed on a skid board.

A number of these piano moving services have advanced technology and their consignment can easily be tracked while they are in transit, the service is fully insured and they are well experienced to move delicate pianos. These piano moving services can get to place a piano in a piano board, they can easily cover it with blankets and can then strap the piano securely to the board to make sure that it is secured.
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Good control is required to make sure that the piano would not gather speed and runaway from the movers, they can also use a hoist when they are moving a piano on different floors of the homes of a client. The valuable ways of finding the right ideal piano moving service is by word of mouth, they must get to ask other piano owners, piano dealers to recommend a good and also reliable piano moving service which people can easily hire. A really good piano mover are experts and can get to answer almost all of the questions of their clients and would get to clear any kinds of doubts that the piano …